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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Video


All our handguns and rifles are setup for dry firing only.  This means they will operate the same but without any projectiles leaving the barrel.  In addition, we can configure the guns to be non firing, or completely disabled if just for show.

Full Equipment handling training is provided with all hires


All our blades are significantly dulled on the "cutting edge", and are maintained to keep it that way.  You can run your finger down the blade with force and will not receive any injury.  This only reduces the risk of accidental cuts and does not make it completely safe to use ... It is still steel and still has a pointy end, so we always cation extreme care of use.

We provide in-depth safety and handling training with any hire  


We warranty all our equipment (parts and labour), and service everything in-house.  In the event of unlikely equipment failure we will provide replacement (delivery charges may apply).

If it is determined equipment failure or breakage is due to customer mishandling, neglect,  or abuse of gear, repair costs (parts and/or labour) may be charged if significant.


When our hardware is out on hire it is no longer insured by us.  We expect our customers to have correct insurances in place for their filming project, and that good security protocols are observed.

This means tracking gear movements both on set and in transit because most of our kit are highly desirable items that can be targeted by opportunist thieves. 


There is some NZ Firearms legislation that applies to our guns even though they can be operated without a firearms license.

The most important for our customers, is to understand that none of our gear can be seen in public.  The Armed Offenders will be called and a very serious situation will ensue.

As such, all of our gear comes in locked hard cases for transport.

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